Posted by Dr. Susanne Bennett

Not many people are privy to the origins of good skincare products. In fact most people would probably be surprised to learn that some of the best skincare practices come from Korea, but it is true!

Recently Marie Claire did an article featuring skincare methods from Korea, which discusses some of the best products and procedures in skincare. In it, the article consults with many skincare gurus including myself, to discuss what actually works best for our skin. Generally the consensus is to ditch the “peel” route and go for the more nurturing route when it comes to taking years off your skin.

According to the article, popular treatments in Korea include laser treatment, stem cell media skincare, and skin-plumping masks, the latter of which you can get a hold of here in the United States under my brand name Purigenex. It is the only medical-grade collagen sold in the states and comes straight from the labs in Korea.

Skincare expert Mary Schook from New York considers Purigenex “one of the industry’s greatest breakthroughs” because it is the “only topical medical-grade collagen sold in the United States.”  Schook also swears by a few others, including a Blemish Balm Cream that gets rid of zits, protects skin from the sun, and acts as an anti-aging moisturizer all in one. The best part about all of the products mentioned in the article is that they are safer and less scary than getting injections or peels.

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