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First Doctor in Raleigh N.C. to offer Collagen Mask

Purigenex in the news (First Doctor in Raleigh N.C. offers collagen mask)




DECEMBER 2007 – PURIGENEX, a new body care brand devoted to therapeutic skin treatments and skin purifying regimens, makes its debut at the 2007 annual American Academy of Anti-Aging Conference in Las Vegas. The company is launching its flagship line of bioactive collagen products at the conference: ICS Intensive Collagen Serum and ICM Ionized Collagen Mask.

PURIGENEX is the creation of Dr. Susanne Bennett, D.C., a holistic chiropractor in Santa Monica, California, who specializes in allergies, environmental medicine, clinical nutrition, anti-aging, and detoxification. In over eighteen years of clinical practice, Dr. Bennett has come to realize the importance of skin care regime as a regular part of her patients’ protocols. Healthy skin leads to better health – the principle upon which PURIGENEX is based – is a reflection of Dr. Bennett’s belief that healing the skin aids the body’s ability to function properly, strengthen immunity, and cope with all manner of environmental toxic exposure.

“I established PURIGENEX because I wanted to share the great results I’ve had with my patients’ skin care,” says Susanne Bennett. “I’m so enthusiastic about bringing these excellent products to market – natural substances that I consider to have legitimate therapeutic properties, that are biologically pure, nourishing, and unique.”

Bennett recognizes how improving the complexion can be an uplifting ingredient in overall well being. “I think it’s important to everyone to make the connection between appearance and the deeper physical benefits of looking well,” she observes. “When you are uncomfortable with the appearance of your skin, that perception will negatively affect your nervous system and reinforce stress in the body. When you do feel good about your skin, that positive state really does translate to better immunity, circulation, and energy flow for your whole system.”

Accordingly, PURIGENEX products act both cosmetically and synergistically, to benefit the whole body. Each formula is hand-picked or co-developed by Dr. Bennett for therapeutic effect on the skin and surrounding tissue: for example, to rehydrate and regenerate skin cells, balance electrolytes, soothe inflammation, and/or draw toxins away from the sub-dermal lymph and fatty tissue.

The result of using these formulas? Smooth, clear, vital skin that can stand up to aging, weathering, stress, and the constant pollutants in daily life.

“We can’t make all these chemical exposures and toxins we live with go away. The world is just too full of them,” Bennett laughs. “And aging is happening faster and earlier to a lot of people. But with PURIGENEX, I’d like to offer tools to slow down the process and give people a chance to restore and rejuvenate.”

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“I’m 45 years old, and my wrinkles and areas of sun damage are virtually disappearing,” enthuses Dr. Bennett, by way of introduction to her advanced collagen therapies. ICS Intensive Collagen Serum and ICM Ionized Collagen Mask are the foundation of the PURIGENEX line.

In their simplicity and efficacy, ICS and ICM embody Bennett’s cosmetic ethos:

– Use products based in organic science.

– Cut out the additives – – purify skin with pure ingredients.

– Create non-invasive treatments that have therapeutic impact.

To these ends, the PURIGENEX collagen formulas offer:

– a truly non-immunogenic form of collagen (atelocollagen) with rare to no side effects.

– an active compound derived from bio-compatible animal sources that the human body can recognize and assimilate.

– A proprietary ionized formulation to enable optimal penetration into the skin’s own collagen network.

Collagen of this quality has never before been offered in topical cosmetic preparations.

Based on the work of doctors and distinguished researchers at Yonsei University in Seoul, Korea, this atelocollagen was first developed for use in bone and tissue regeneration. The collagen was subsequently found to have remarkably high solubility through the skin; and now, it has been further refined and compounded for transdermal cosmetic use.

ICS Intensive Collagen Serum and ICM Ionized Collagen Mask are FDA-registered, preservative-free formulas that are highly tolerated by even the most sensitive individuals. They are indicated for all who are seeking to prevent and repair their skin from aging, sun damage, discolorations, and acne scarring. “I would also recommend these products to appropriate candidates after laser treatments, and definitely as a support to other types of dermatological intervention,” says Dr. Bennett. “It’s an extremely easy and soothing therapy.”

Regular, directed use of ICS and ICM will boost the skin’s own collagen integrity and increase dermal cell regeneration, to make skin appear plumper, smoother, more supple, and more youthful. Researchers’ studies have shown measurable improvement with these products following only four weeks of combined therapy.

**These preparations contain intact collagen protein that must be kept refrigerated. PURIGENEX collagen is never denatured or heated, distinguishing it from many other cosmetic preparations containing collagen as a gelatin (an inactive, incomplete compound that will have no effect on cell proliferation or function).



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