By Dr. Susanne Bennett

This product is a biologically active collagen, it needs to be refrigerated on the bottom shelf (do not freeze). Store serum bottle on its side. It will denature with in 24 hours if you leave it out at room temperature. It will turn into gelatin (opaque in color) and will not be active for use. Take out what you need and store the bottle and test tubes in the refrigerator. If you travel with it, you need to use an ice box or lunch box similar to how it was delivered to you. You can carry it abroad as long as you have it at the right cool temperature. This is an 8-week treatment program. For maximum results use regularly- 1 ICM mask/week and AM & PM application of the ICS serum.

PURIGENEX ICM mask Protocol

Use ICM-ionized collagen mask once a week (start using the first night you receive the collagen system). Application time: 20 min. for quick hydration and plumping to 45 min. for deep restoration and rejuvenation of skin

1. Cleanse face with favorite mild cleanser, can use exfoliator prior to mask

2. Do not use a toner

3. Open ICM box, use only 1 test tube. You will find a silver tweezer in the bottom of the box, you may need to take the complete insert out to find it. Put the rest of the test tubes back into the refrigerator.

4. Open the collagen mask up to see how it should be positioned on your face, and apply it on face so it fits perfectly and smoothly, without creases. Some creasing is inevitable. Lean back and rest or read. (make sure you adjust the mask around the eyes so most of the skin around your eyes (crows feet and upper lid) will be covered by the mask.

5. Leave mask on for 15-20 minutes, then spray whole face and mask several times with purified water to remoisten mask, keep eyes closed when you spray it on. Continue to moisten mask as needed. Dehydrated skin will need more

moisture on the mask as it absorbs the ionized collagen faster.

6. After another 20 minutes, take off mask from bottom up

7. You can reuse the mask for your neck and chest if you desire, by spraying it with purified water and apply it on for 5-10 minutes. However long you want.

8. Apply ICS intensive collagen serum (1/2 dropperful) to face, around eyes, forehead and any areas of aging.

9. If you are preparing for an important event, you can use the ICM mask two days in a row for best results.

PURIGENEX Daily ICS Collagen Protocol

1. On days not using the mask, use ICS intensive collagen serum AM and PM

2. Wash face and dry, do not use any toner

3. Apply around ½ of dropper of ICS on the problem areas (crows feet, laugh lines, frowning areas etc ) first then apply the rest to face and neck. Remember to put the bottle back into the refrigerator

4. After few minutes of drying, when you feel some tension in your skin, apply your favorite moisturizer

Most individuals will see results in 4 weeks, but I have seen results with my patients in 1 week! Please take Before and After pictures to help monitor your results.