“Works as Advertised!”

I was skeptical of the efficacy of this product, but no more. I received the Purigenix on Tuesday and tried it out the following morning. After removing the mask, my face looked amazing. Wrinkles were smoothed out significantly around the eyes, mouth and chin. I couldn\’t be happier to find a cosmetic product that actually works as advertised.

Linda 3/31/16

“Please tell Dr. Susanne that I love, love, love her products and the work she is doing. I have Celiac disease, and my skin loves your products. I hope to someday be able to experience the collagen skin masks. I was introduced to your company by Bulletproof Exec. many months ago, and have been following Dr. Susanne ever since. Thank you again, and God bless.” Linda

I had to write you and tell you how blown away I was by this collagen system. These 3 products ( The Collagen Masks and Serum, the Age Reverse Serum, and the Age Defying Moisturizer) used in conjunction give miraculous results!! Just one week in and I see significant improvement in my skin. Pretty dramatic results on the wrinkles under my eyes which is exactly what I needed. Plus my whole face looks taut and rejuvenated. I have used 3 sheets masks already because I felt like I needed a jump start. But again, I am blown away by the results!!! May have to do another round when I’m done!

“I love this treatment! For the first time, topical collagen can actually penetrate to the dermis and make significant improvements on a cellular level,” states Kelley West, RoxSpa Director and clinical Aesthetician. “My patients are amazed at the immediate results and I am personally addicted to this product. Purigenex helps to stimulate the body’s own production of collagen which improves the tone and texture of the skin, plumps fine lines and wrinkles, lightens hyperpigmentation, and gives the patient an overall glow and youthful appearance. And this is the only ‘treatment’ oriented facial that is safe for all skin types and expectant mothers. Truly, I haven’t been this excited about a new procedure in a very long time!”

Kelley West

Aesthetician Roxspa, Beverly Hills CA 90210

I am a “40 something” woman who takes pride in her appearance and spares no expense when it comes to purchasing facial products.  I have been around the world and back several times and tried product lines from France to Japan. I have spent THOUSANDS of dollars on high end products found in the United States; Le Mer, Epicuren, Re vive, Jurlique to name a few.  I give each line due diligence in terms of using the product for at least 2 months. Until now, I’ve not found a product line that produces almost immediate results. A couple of days after using Purigenex my skin was noticeably improved; texture, luminosity, even skin tone & firmness. My skin actually looks better with no make-up since using Purigenex.  I have finally found a product line that actually works and exceeds any expectation I’ve ever had or thought possible. Another wonderful aspect of Purigenex is that there is no involved regimen. I mix a couple of pumps of the Advanced Dermal Repair and a couple of pumps of the Intensive Hydrating Therapy in my palm, apply to my face, eyes & neck and I’m finished.  No multiple steps, no separate product for eyes & neck. It’s wonderful, and yes, my friends & family have all remarked on how great my skin looks. My search for the perfect product line is finally over. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Dawn Iacino

 After using Dr. Bennett’s bio acitive collagen I found the wrinkles on my eyelids diminish. I also found the wrinkles under my eyes less  noticeable. After using the mask my skin felt tight and smooth. That was after the first application.


I have had many photofacials to get rid of my freckles and  discolorations but my skin lost some of its integrity and tone in the process. As soon  as I started to use the collagen mask and serum, I felt my skin was just  soaking in the collagen and immediately after using the mask for 45 minutes I noticed a difference in my texture and tone. I see more suppleness and smoothness. I look forward to continuing the process to see better results!

Val, 32 y.o.

Dr. Bennett, I love the PURIGENEX products!! After two weeks of using your products, my eyes are bigger! It¹s amazing! Thank you.


I have been an aesthetician for 25 years, and always looking for the best products for my clients. I have never found anything as profound in the ability to make such a difference in the skin texture and wrinkles  after one application. My first mask was only for 20 minutes and I definitely saw a difference in my skin- more vitality, glow and hydration. I can’t wait to start your anti-aging program.