PURIGENEX is an innovative body care brand founded on the principle that healthy skin leads to better health. This doctor-approved line for men and women focuses on extraordinary, unique products with therapeutic properties that help to nourish skin, release impurities, and combat aging.
PURIGENEX is committed to sourcing the finest formulations and active elemental ingredients in the world, in order to reconnect skin care to an optimal wellness regimen. Our collagen preparations represent pioneering molecular chemistry and the newest bio-engineered delivery systems ~ truly enhanced therapies of the highest potency, affinity, and assimilation.
We also offer skin purifying products made of rare compounds from the tropics of Hawaii, volcanic mountains near the Himalayas, and the herbal practices of Korea and Japan ~ remedies that honor the ancient botanical medicine of the East.
PURIGENEX products act to rehydrate cells, balance electrolytes, soothe inflammation, and draw toxins away from the sub-dermal lymph and fatty tissue.